Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Look Closer To See The Demograhic Future of the US

The U.S. Census recently released various interactive graphics showing the countries of origin of Hispanics around the US.  The maps reflect the expected, Puerto Rican population clustered in the DC-Boston corridor, majority of Cuban population in Miami, and so on.

However, on closer inspection the Mexican population map is very interesting because it visually reveals how the US Hispanic population, which is majority Mexican ancestry, has expanded into almost every state of the union. Its a portent of the future of the country and how US Hispanics are  more and more a part of the social fabric not just in Calfornia and Texas, but Colorado, The Carolinas, Georgia, Oklahoma and even Arkansas.

The last Census raised awareness of skyrocketing Hispanic population growth in unexpected areas, such as the South and Midwest, but these new interactive graphic maps serve to communicate the breadth of the US Hispanic consumer expansion in a way that numbers and statics cannot.

With the 2010 data, the Census mapped 22 different origins that included Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. To access the interactive maps click here.

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