Friday, November 16, 2012

New face of the Gerber generation is Hispanic

As the US Hispanic population continues to grow its starting to impact consumer packaged goods in all sorts of ways. And quite fittingly the new face of the Gerber generation is Hispanic.

That shouldn't be a big surprise, with 1 in 4 babies born in the US being of Hispanic origin Mary Jane Montoya is a reflection of the profound demographic changes going on in the U.S.  By the time the new face of Gerber reaches middle age (about 2050)  the US Hispanic population is projected to be 133 Million (52 million today), which means Hispanics will be roughly 30% of the population. 

Congratulations Mary Jane Montoya, link to the article click here —

Friday, October 19, 2012

Mexico is forgotten story of US election?

Good article in this weeks Financial Times about Mexico, the US election and how important Mexico is becoming to the US.  " (Mexico) is as economically integrated with the US as any two members of the eurozone are to each other."

The current slow down in China and rise in energy costs is having a big impact in solidifying Mexico-US economic integration.

Here is Uncle Sam’s Latin American reality. First, Mexico is rapidly becoming as important to the US economy as China. There has been much excitement in recent months about the possibility of “reshoring” manufacturing jobs from China to America. If you broaden the destination to North America, the trend is already under way. Mexico is now vying with China as the manufacturing hub of choice for US and other multinational companies – it is as economically integrated with the US as any two members of the eurozone are to each other.

Much of this is driven by the rise in the cost of oil, which makes transport costs increasingly pricey for US companies to make goods for domestic consumption as far away as east Asia. And most of the rest is driven by Chinese wage inflation. In 2000, the average Chinese worker was paid 35 cents an hour versus $1.72 in Mexico, according to HSBC. Now the Mexican gets paid $2.11 an hour and the Chinese $1.63. Pretty soon Mexico will have the lower labour costs.

Link to article in FT:

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Latina Mom's Go to Blogs for Parenting Advice

A recent poll by BlogHer found that 81% of Latina mom's are going online for tips on parenting and general information on a variety of topics.

And accessing blogs includes using smartphones and blog readers —

‘I subscribe to so many blogs, each one addressing a different topic that’s important to me as a mom,” says Jai Correa, who blogs about her experience as a mother to a five-year-old son and a baby on the way at Mami’s Time Out. “I have a blog reader on my phone, so I can look up anything from dinner ideas, to education, to product reviews, wherever I am.”

We've found that mom's are definitely using blogs and social media to get information on parenting and beyond.  Our facebook page for Pasta De Lassar has become a very active community of mom's and a great way for us to provide useful tips and information ranging from creative recipes for toddlers to yoga for mom's and their babies.

Pasta De Lassar's Facebook Page

Friday, August 17, 2012

Conazol Cures & Prevents Most Athlete's Foot

Conazol,  a leading over-the-counter Athlete’s Foot treatment in Mexico for over 10 years, is now available in the U.S.  The trusted and effective brand is expanding its U.S. distribution and can be found at retailers including Walmart and Target in key U.S. Hispanic markets, such as Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas and Chicago. 

Containing Miconazole Nitrate 2% antifungal, Conazol provides consumers the maximum strength formulation available without a prescription to cure and prevent most Athlete’s Foot.  

Its odorless, non-greasy and non-staining formulation also makes it a favorite with consumers.  
For over a decade in Mexico, Conazol has been a leader in the treatment of Athlete’s Foot.  It is imported exclusively by MarcasUSA, LLC direct from the manufacturer, Laboratorios Liomont.   

Conazol currently is available in the U.S. in a 30g tube.   For more information, visit


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pasta De Lassar Andromaco® Launches Baby Photo Contest

Three Grand prize winners will be featured in the Pasta De Lassar TV commerical.

We recently announced the launch of Pasta De Lassar's photo contest called "Mi Bebé Sano y Feliz" (My Healthy and Happy Baby). The contest is dedicated to celebrating happy, healthy babies and participants can enter by visiting  The contest is scheduled to run through June 21st, 2012.
The photo contest will award up to three lucky winners with a year’s supply of Pasta De Lassar, a Sears portrait photograph session, a $250 Walmart gift card and a cameo appearance in the Pasta De Lassar TV commercial airing in select markets across the United States.
Participants will have the opportunity to share an image of their healthy and happy baby via Facebook.  The public will be able to vote for their favorite images by visiting Pasta de Lassar’s Facebook page until June 21st, 2012.  Upon completion of the voting period, a panel of judges will then evaluate the 10 babies with the most votes and the judges will select and announce the Grand Prize winners on or around July 1, 2012.
Pasta De Lassar Andrómaco is the leading multi-purpose skin protectant in Mexico specifically formulated to treat and prevent diaper rash. It is imported exclusively by MarcasUSA LLC and available in the US at Walmart and other major retailers nationwide. 

Check out the promotion at and to learn more about Pasta De Lassar Andrómaco visit

On The Road Towards Ethnic Plurality

Ethnic plurality has been an accepted fact in many of the most populous states in the US for some time.  Overall the pace towards ethnic plurality is accelerating as racial and ethnic minority births now start to outpace white births (see chart nearby).

These dynamic demographic changes are driven by the US Hispanic population and will benefit  the US economy substantially. 

As Fareed Zakaria noted recently on US politics and the economy:
"Its (US) demographics are strikingly healthy: It will be the only rich country in the world to actually increase its population over the next 30 years - which means more young workers, producers, entrepreneurs and taxpayers."

Friday, April 6, 2012

Pasta De Lassar TV Spot

The Pasta de Lassar TV campaign just launched this week in several Texas markets — Houston, The Texas Valley and El Paso.  The health, happy Pasta de Lassar babies will be hanging out on Univision stations in those markets. The TV campaign rolls out in markets beyond Texas this Spring.

If your catching up on email or tweetng while watching Univision, you'll know its the Pasta de Lassar TV spot by its catchy jingle — ¡Sana Sana Colita Aliviada, Pasta de Lassar es Tu Pomada!*

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