Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The "American Spanish-Speaking Audience"

Last weekend Instructions not Included was the hit nobody saw coming, unless you spoke Spanish and watched Spanish language TV networks like Univision and Telemundo.  Although US Hispanic consumers have always been avid moviegoers, a movie like Instructions, made specifically for them, generating the box office dollars it did, was a surprise that shouldn't of been any surprise.  

For many the US Hispanic consumer opportunity is still within their blind spot. Even with major markets transitioning into minority-majority status misperceptions on US Hispanics' purchasing power, shopping & media habits abound. 

For the movie the secret weapon is Eugenio Derbez, popular with the "American Spanish-speaking audience."
From Forbes: “Derbez is the biggest star you’ve never heard of,” says Presburger. “He’s huge in Mexico and with the American Spanish-speaking audience.”

And with no real marketing effort, except Derbez's cross- border social media influence (American Spanish-speaking audience) the movie generated a spectacular $28,000 PSA (per screen average) in its weekend debut.

From Forbes:
 The success of Instructions shows the value of niche markets. While most studios are going for the biggest bang from the biggest bucks (see every super hero movie made in the last five years), Pantelion is targeting a smaller group but one that goes to the movies a lot. There was never any thought to releasing Instructions directly to video on demand.
Link to article in Forbes here.

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